Friendship is key to new Keynsham football team's success

Published on: 04 Jan 2013

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Friendship is key to new Keynsham football team's success

Already second in the Bristol Premier Sunday league, the new football team known as the Keynsham Park Rangers (KPR) is made up of a group of close friends, who are all local Keynsham boys. Keynsham Park Rangers

With  15 players aged 20 to 22, the group of lads all went to Wellsway School together, and have stayed in touched since finishing their studies at Wellsway Sixth Form. 

Liam Jacques, 21, studied Sports Management at Coventry University and had the idea to start up the team with his friends, and took on the role of team manager of KPR.

Liam said: “People were starting to come back home from university, so I wanted to get our friends back together in a group as we were in school, and football is something we all enjoy.

“I think being friends is one of the main reasons we are doing so well, we have built on our friendship and we all work on motivating each other.”

As a friendship team with no financial support Liam said: “We don’t have any sponsorship yet, so to set up the team we all had to pay in a large amount of money, so we fund the team ourselves. Our plan for the new year is to make this much cheaper.”

The team also has a fun way to keep up the funds in their account, called the weekly “fines”.  The players can be fined up to £3 per mistake. For example, accidentally sending a lovey dovey text to your team mate, rather than your girlfriend, would earn a fine.

The team have stayed loyal to their town, with their home ground at Fry’s, and their training sessions every Tuesday at their old school’s Astroturf pitch.  
The team has lots of support from friends and families at their home and away matches, which are every Sunday.

Les Hubbard, 55, father of the team’s left back player Matt Hubbard, has been to every match of the season, and said: “It has been pleasing to see the team grow in confidence, and players develop as the season has gone on. Credit must go to Liam, and his astute leadership.”

KPR have played 10 games in the league this season, and have won seven of the games, pushing them up to second place on the board.

Benjamin Hunt, 20, plays centre midfield for KPR and said: “The team is performing very well together, considering the short amount of time we have had playing together as a team.

“Everyone knows their job, and we all work very hard for each other.”

For more information on Keynsham Park Rangers and sponsorship opportunities, contact team manager Liam Jacques on 07540 499761.

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