Drivers urged to stick to 20mph as thousands recorded speeding on Park Road, Keynsham

Published on: 02 Sep 2016

Thousands of drivers have been recorded breaking the speed limit on a residential road in Keynsham in just one month – with some travelling at three times the limit.

Motorists using Park Road are being urged to stick to 20mph after the results of a month of monitoring in July sparked serious safety concerns.

The checks recorded an astonishing 39,485 vehicle movements along the road, 25,607 of which were going faster than 20mph.

Among them, four vehicles were recorded going at speeds of between 56mph and 61mph while one was going even faster than that in a section where parked cars reduce it to a single lane as it approaches a blind bend, said Keynsham South councillor Alan Hale.

Mr Hale organised the checks following concerns raised by residents about the volume of traffic using the road and the speed at which drivers were travelling.

He said:  “My own observations told me that there was a problem and the constituents’ information backed that up. When the outcome of the check was revealed I was astonished.

“I would urge those who use the road to consider the safety of themselves and others and keep to the speed limit of 20mph, which I know is a challenging speed to keep down to but if two cars meet at the 85th percentile speed recorded of 27.5mph then you have a 55mph closing speed at the point of collision.”

Concerns about traffic have been raised frequently by residents of Park Road, which is used not only by themselves but by construction traffic and growing numbers of people moving into Taylor Wimpey’s development The Meadows. 

Mr Hale says he and fellow ward councillor Lisa O’Brien had been told by senior council staff that their calls for a relief road leading to the development to ease traffic on Park Road would be considered as part of the development of Keynsham’s transport strategy.

Meanwhile, Mr Hale is urging traffic calming measures to be urgently considered and has asked police to step up speed enforcement in the area.

He said:  “We now have to make this work both for the original community and the newcomers, who also need a safe environment when travelling about along Park Road. 

“It is appalling for everyone that with a third of The Meadows still to be completed there is already in excess of 39,000 vehicle movements per month on this residential road and indeed up into The Meadows.

“Both Lisa and I will continue to fight hard to resolve this problem but need the help of those who use the road – we would implore them to drive within the 20mph limit for everyone’s safety.”

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