December Column: PC Lisa Hawtin

Published on: 07 Dec 2012

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December Column: PC Lisa Hawtin

Brrrr, the icy weather is here. I am just about thawed out enough to type this passage, having just returned from the Keynsham Victorian Evening. It was a first for me and I’m really pleased to say that as far as policing goes it was uneventful, no crimes reported, no anti-social behaviour, just good, honest fun. Well done Keynsham and thank you to those who had a part in bringing it all together. PC Lisa Hawtin

I have previously written to you in the Keynshamvoice about rogue traders and the safety measures that you need to consider when answering your door.  Well, while on my annual leave last month I was briefly confined to the hotel to allow Hurricane Sandy to sweep by and decided to check the force website,, to see what was happening back on “my patch”. I was really pleased to read that one of our more senior residents had experienced such a scenario but was quick-thinking enough to shut the door and call the police, which allowed my colleagues to get there and make an arrest. Fantastic! That’s the result I want to read about, let’s have more of the same, please – together we can beat the baddies! If you are not sure, don’t answer the door.

With the Christmas season now upon us Avon and Somerset Police are once again running a drink-drive campaign. This year we have introduced a modern way of getting in touch with us. We are encouraging people to shop a drink/drugs driver by calling 999 or texting the word “drunk” to 81819 on their mobile phone, along with any information which might help us respond. This might include the vehicle registration number and its location and, if you can, the driver’s name. These texts are treated in the same way we treat 999 calls.

That’s all from me for now. However, in the mean time when you see me or any of the team on patrol, do stop us for a chat. Keep safe, keep warm and enjoy a peaceful and happy Christmas.

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