Creative summer ahead for Keynsham's ArtSpace group

Published on: 03 Jun 2017

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Artists from Keynsham ArtSpace have become the latest group to use the exhibition space on the first floor of Keynsham Library.

Their exhibition has been on display for the last four weeks, and featured works by Alan Hayward, John Chivers, Joe Tymkow, Jane Metters, Penny Richards, Moira Robertson and Gwen Edwards.
ArtSpace is a group of more than 30 local artists who provide opportunities for artists to show their work to the public on a regular basis.

The group consists of a wide range of artists and craftspeople, creating 3D artwork in ceramics, felt, glass, leather, metal and textiles; and 2D artists working with traditional and industrial mediums and materials.

Chair of ArtSpace Joe Tymkow said: “We are currently nomadic, so this exhibition has enabled us to display works by our members for the first time since Christmas, and it’s been exciting to see them in the light and airy space of the first floor of the Keynsham Library. It would be really exciting to have a more permanent base in the future, not just for exhibitions, but also to enable a range of additional activities and projects. We are actively looking for new space!”

The group has a busy summer ahead. Joe explained: “We plan to have work on show along the railings at the monthly farmers’ market, plus an ArtSpace marquee in Keynsham Memorial Park during Keynsham Music Festival, so fingers crossed for a summer of great weather!”

On June 10, ArtSpace will also be participating in the Keynsham Community Network event, organised by Keynsham Town Council, alongside other community groups in The Space in Keynsham Library, and members will be on hand to chat to the public about what they do, and show a small amount of work. Later in the year the group will be back in the library for an exhibition linked to the Winter Festival, with new works inspired by a  “Woodland Creatures” theme.

“Busy months ahead for us,” Joe said, “lots to plan, lots to create, and fingers crossed the weather is good for the events but not so great that we don’t get into our studios!”

Members meet monthly to discuss events and to socialise, and details can be found on their Facebook page @KeynshamArtSpace, or email keynshamart

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