Councillor calls for pedestrian crossing at Keynsham's Market Walk

Published on: 05 Dec 2014

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A Keynsham councillor has said he fears someone will be knocked down near the town’s Market Walk development after a pelican crossing was removed from Temple Street.

Councillor Alan Hale, a senior road safety officer for South Gloucestershire Council, spent half an hour counting pedestrians crossing Temple Street between Rock Road and the High Street.

His informal count revealed 114 people crossed at that spot in just 30 minutes, while another 43 crossed at the top of Bath Hill – neither of which have a pedestrian crossing.

Mr Hale said: “The issue here is what road safety professionals call ‘desire lines’ – i.e. the location where people actually want to cross a road, as opposed to the place where a crossing has been put, because most people do not want to walk 50 metres in the opposite direction to where they are heading to reach a safe crossing point.”

B&NES Council, however, said there was consultation with stakeholders on the siting of crossing points and formal crossings are next to the One-Stop Shop and at the bottom of Bath Hill, as well as a number of “informal, courtesy crossings”.

There is also a 20mph zone at the junction of Temple Street and High Street. A spokesperson said: “There was a detailed safety audit of the design before this scheme was given full technical approval. As with all new schemes, a review will take place after it has been completed to ensure that it is working correctly.”

The council will also be looking at pedestrian access arrangements before April 2015 as part of the wider Keynsham Transport Strategy, the spokesperson added.

Since Mr Hale approached the council, barriers have been installed on a stretch of Temple Street on Market Walk.

He said: “I just hope that no-one is seriously injured or killed on this section of Temple Street before some form of formal crossing is installed, which ought to be light controlled to aid traffic flow and linked into the lights at Rock Road for the same reason. In the meantime we should be providing a temporary set of pedestrian lights.”

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