Council must 'get its act together' on Keynsham town centre roads

Published on: 06 Feb 2015

Bath and North East Somerset Council has been told it needs to “get its act together” over proposed pedestrian crossings in Keynsham town centre.

Residents have been contacting local councillors to voice their concerns since the planned locations for the crossings were revealed by the authority.

Safety fears have already been raised by Councillor Alan Hale, who said he worried the crossings were not situated at the points where most pedestrians would want to cross.

New crossings would be located on Bath Hill near the entrance to the Memorial Park and on Temple Street near the fire station, while the zebra crossing on Rock Road would be upgraded to a light-controlled crossing.

Councillor Charles Gerrish, who recently brought MP Jacob Rees-Mogg to view the site and discuss concerns, said: “Residents are feeling increasingly fed-up with the failure by B&NES to properly keep residents informed of what’s going on, such as exactly when the road will finally get resurfaced and how the council will address concerns over the crossings.

“B&NES really needs to get its act together on this.”

Among those raising objections to the proposals was a retired police road traffic officer, who told Councillor Hale he was worried about the lack of distinction between the road and pavement at the new development due to the low level of the kerb.

Mr Hale said: “The fears raised by residents only go to heighten the serious concerns I and my fellow councillors already have about the council’s proposed locations for pedestrian crossings in the town centre. 

“I’ve been continuing to press the council on the need to get the location of the pedestrian crossings right, or it will simply end up having to rip them out and relocate them again – with all the cost and disturbance this would cause.

“It seems somewhat perverse that we have built a brand new Civic Centre and One Stop Shop, yet make it less accessible than the old civic centre that it replaced.”

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