October Column: PC Lisa Hawtin

Oct 05 2013

Thumbnail ImagePC Lisa Hawtin on Keynsham Youth Fest, school visits and parking problems.... Read More

August Column: PC Lisa Hawtin

Aug 12 2013

Thumbnail ImagePC Lisa Hawtin on Keynsham Music Festival, Community Speed Watch and the power of PACT.... Read More

July Column: In the Garden and On the Plot

Jul 04 2013

Thumbnail ImageI read a while ago of some research by Swedish scientists that growth of plants depended as much on length and quality of daylight as it does on temperature. ... Read More

May column: Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

May 03 2013

Thumbnail ImageWellsway School saw the opening of its new £3.1 million sports hall recently. This impressive facility has a six-court hall as well as a suite of fitness machines bought from the Olympic Park and some classroom space.... Read More

May column: Councillor Gill Hellier

May 03 2013

Thumbnail ImageMany thanks to the residents who attended the Annual Town Meeting on April 22 at the Baptist Church.... Read More

May column: On the Beat

May 03 2013

Thumbnail ImageWe have been reviewing the crime figures in for the year April 1, 2012, to March 31, 2013, which I thought would be worth sharing. ... Read More

March Column: Councillor Gill Hellier

Mar 08 2013

Thumbnail ImageA very big thank you to all the voluntary and community groups that came to our networking event on the February 26, it was very rewarding to see so many.... Read More

March Column: PC Lisa Hawtin

Mar 08 2013

Thumbnail ImageI make no apologies for repeating myself when I say to parents: “Please consider the safety of your children when they are off school and out playing.” ... Read More

March Column: Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

Mar 08 2013

Thumbnail ImageThe Education Service of the House of Commons runs excellent sessions for schools to visit Parliament to discover more about our proceedings.... Read More

March Column: Homegrown Gardener

Mar 08 2013

Thumbnail ImageFebruary is not a month I associate with much gardening. With the very dull weather in the first half of the month, and all of January, I feel very disinterested.... Read More