Civic Centre name 'too bland and boring' for Keynsham's new centre

Published on: 07 Jun 2014

Bland, boring and disappointing – that is the criticism levelled at B&NES leaders’ choice of name for Keynsham’s new centre by members of the town council.

After asking residents for their suggestions, and consulting with members of the Keynsham Development Advisory Group (KDAG) and the town council, the Cabinet unveiled its decision last month.

The site should be known as Keynsham Civic Centre, it has proposed, while the streets cutting through the development should all be called Market Walk.

The decision came despite B&NES’ own geographic information systems and street naming and numbering officers advised that “Civic Centre” was not suitable, calling it “too bland”.

Town councillors had previously recommended calling the streets Prospect Place and Cheapside, in recognition of the roads that previously existed on the site, as well as suggesting several names for the new community building, including the Hub, the Forum and the Joseph Fry Community Hub.

Resident and Keynsham Civic Society member Judi Grant addressed May’s meeting of the town council, where GIS officer Martin Laker was collecting feedback on the names, backing the historic street names put forward by the town council and urging members to “take a stand on this matter”. She added:  “B&NES happen to have sited their HQ in our town centre – but we are not B&NES-ville.”

A number of councillors echoed her views with members voting to continue to support Prospect Place and Cheapside and a separate name for the new community building, while rejecting the Cabinet’s choices.

As part of the street-naming process, proposals are put to public consultation, with any objections going to the magistrates’ court.

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