Chris spells out his aim to help cancer sufferers

Published on: 07 Feb 2013

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Chris spells out his aim to help cancer sufferers

A former Wellsway School student is aiming to set up his own charity to support cancer sufferers. Chris Read

Chris Read, 21, started The Beat It Foundation after his own battle with cancer and hopes he can raise enough money and support to become a registered charity.

Chris was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2011, after eight months and visits to three different doctors.

“I never expected it, and even when they told me, I still didn't believe it,” said Chris.

Throughout his treatment Chris realised there was a lack of support offered to him.

“It just isn't easy enough for young people to deal with. You get given a lot of information, and medical documents, it's a lot to take in and, to be honest, you just don't want to read it.”

Chris plans to make “support packs”, which would contain simple information leaflets that are easy to read and understand. 

Helping to appeal to the younger generation, Chris has designed T-shirts and jumpers to sell to raise funds. The garments feature Chris' “Beat It” tattoo.  He said: “Charities are not always seen as the coolest of things, so I think seeing the tattoo helps to give a personal connection for young people.”

Chris plans to do talks in the local area, having already gained much support when he visited Wellsway School recently.

Find out more about The Beat It Foundation at

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