Campaigners call for allotments for East Keynsham residents

Published on: 02 Mar 2018

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Campaigners are urging planning chiefs to rule that allotments for current east Keynsham residents must be included in a new housing development.

Members of Keynsham Liberal Democrats are hoping to persuade Bath and North East Somerset Council to insist that 50 plots are provided on land bordered by Bath Road and the Chandag Estate.

Outline planning permission for up to 250 homes and a new primary school has been granted to Mactaggart and Mickel, whose application for the development states that allotments may be included as part of a park area, and a patch of land is included on a “masterplan” map.

Campaigners Hal MacFie and Andy Wait said the National Society of Allotments and Leisure Gardens (NSALG) recommended that the minimum provision should be 20 standard (300sq yd) plots per 1,000 households.

They said they believed the fact there were currently no allotments for residents of the East Keynsham ward’s 2,500 households was “unacceptable” and that they wanted 50 standard-sized plots to be guaranteed as part of the development.

Mr MacFie said: “We understand there will be one more round of planning assessment for the development and will request that the planning committee take this submission into account, as it will provide a welcome extension of leisure gardening for the current residents and may partly compensate for the loss of footpaths and rural environment that will come with this development.”

They are now asking current Keynsham East residents who would like an allotment to get in touch by emailing and

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