Call for improvements to Saltford play park

Published on: 04 Jan 2013

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Call for improvements to Saltford play park

A parish councillor has backed calls for improvements to make a Saltford play area more toddler friendly. Manor Road play area

Some of the equipment at Manor Road Play Area, near Anson Close, is not accessible for younger children, it is claimed.

The issue has been raised by grandmother Lynne Davies, pictured, with Councillor Duncan Hounsell, who has put the matter on the agenda at this month’s parish council meeting.

Lynne Davies said: “There are a number of problems that could be improved without spending a lot of money. The climbing frame/slide is not accessible by my grandson and once he is lifted on there is no bridge for him to move from one end of the apparatus to the other.

"This makes it all rather boring for him and hard work for me! Among other problems are slides that are not slippery, picture rollers that do not budge, and a tunnel that is caked with mud.”

Mr Hounsell added:  “The play area is not stimulating and poorly designed for toddlers. A major problem is that toddlers have to be lifted onto the apparatus. It is difficult or impossible for some grandparents and pregnant mums to manage this and it does not encourage independent play.”

The concerns have also been raised with Bath and North East Somerset Council, which is responsible for the play area.

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