Assault prompts renewed calls from youngsters for skate park lighting

Police are appealing for information after a 19-year-old man was assaulted and robbed at the skate park in Keynsham Memorial Park by up to eight people.

During the incident at around 9.45pm on Sunday, September 17, the victim suffered a facial injury and had his skateboard and bag stolen by a group of young men all in their late teens.

The attack prompted members of Keynsham Now – the town’s youth council – to ask town councillors at their meeting two days later whether lighting would be installed at the site or if young people would face “another winter without lights”?

Skate park users launched a campaign five years ago to ask for lighting at the park, saying it would improve their safety in the evenings and handing over a petition of 300 names to Keynsham Town Council. The campaign has since been taken up by Keynsham Now.

Town councillors recently proposed installing solar lights not only at the skate park but also at the Bandstand – but a pre-planning application to Bath and North East Somerset Council has hit a stumbling block.